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With Regards to Employee Evalulation:

I have been in charge of, as many as 40 retail stores, so I know, how expensive, hiring the wrong employee can be. Companies spend millions of dollars every year, training people, who are not right for the job. Can you Imagine, how nice it would be, to take some of the guess work, out of finding the right person. I am not saying that handwriting should be the sole tool you use, to evaluate people, for your hiring decision. Look at it this way, you have narrowed it down to just a few candidates, that have the qualifications you need. Wouldn't it be helpful, to know, out of those candidates, which of them have integrity, which one might be lazy, or whether they will work well with others. You can order employee personality analysis below $90 CDN per employee. Now if you do not need a written report, then you can order a verbal 20 minute phone consult for as little as $40. per possible employee.

Employee Handwriting Analysis. Evaluating potential employees is different for every company, and for most people it is a very arduous task. Looking through stacks and stacks of resumes, keeping only those that meet your criteria. Certainly the criteria changes from company to company, and job position, but there are some common threads, that all companies want, like honesty and integrity. Some of the criteria you get from their resumes, talking to ex-employers, and interviews, if it gets that far. Have you wondered how accurate all that is. Obviously, what the applicant is going to give you, is what shows them, in the best light. Sure you can tell if they have the experience, and the training, you require for your job, and if you dig deep enough into their past you might discover their previous track record, and as an experienced, interviewer, you know the questions to ask and what to look for, to make your assessment, but, what if I was to tell you, that although a controversial, yet legal method, you are able to discover, a person's true personality, with out even meeting them. You get past all the hype and camouflage, and view their unconscious mind, from the neural impulses transferred to paper we call handwriting. With great degree of accuracy you can determine how a person, will react in a given moment, to circumstances around them.  I am not saying that, this is the only way to pick an employee, but, another incredible tool, you can use to save you time and money. While the use of handwriting analysis is common place in Europe, it is just now becoming mainstream in the U.S and Canada. About 80 percent of French companies use it to screen prospective employees, while an estimated 6000 U.S. companies now use it as an evaluation tool. You will receive Written Analysis

Handwriting Analisis

With Regards to Personality Analysis:

I have literally analysed thousands of people's handwriting. At an event I will analyze as many as two to three hundred people in a evening.

After fifteen years of doing this,  I have lost track. With an event I only require a couple of lines, but the more handwriting you have, the more accurate you can be.  

Training by some of the best graphologits has given me a sound foundation, plus with the quantiy of analysis makes me very accurate.

It is best for the analysis, to send me a page or two of the authour in question.

If you require a written report the the cost is $90.00

but  if not you can receive a 20 minute phone analysis, per authour for only $40.00

Handwriting Analysis

You can submit your handwriting, by E-mail

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