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Is Handwriting Analysis an invasion of privacy?

Incidentally the US court system ruled, that handwriting analysis, is no more invasive, than reading body language. I look at handwriting analysis, as a very useful tool, for discovering the insights, of someone's mind, which will help you, avoid problems down the road, and propel you, into a healthier, more productive, direction.

What can you tell with Handwriting Analysis?

By Stacking the individual handwriting traits you can tell some ones personality, how they might behave under a given situation. You can see the strength of their drives, their emotional responsiveness, their fears, communication and interpersonal skills.

What can Handwriting Analysis do for Employee Screening?

In business, if you put some one in a job position, that they are not suited for, then both parties, will suffer. As an employer, you wouldn't want someone suited for factory work, running your company, and you wouldn't want, a born salesman working in your factory. Handwriting Analysis can help guide you to chose the person best suited for that position. It will answer questions like: are they a self starter, or how much supervision do they need? Maybe you need to know if they work well with others. How quickly do they learn, or what are their organizational skills? If you can make of the traits needed for that job position then they can be discovered in the handwriting.

How can Handwriting Analysis help with relation ships?

In relationships, its about getting our needs met, if we don't always get what we want, that's life, but if we don't get what we need, then it makes us very unhappy, unsatisfied. If you require, emotional sharing from your partner, and they are the kind, to hold in their emotions, then one of your basic needs, will not be met, and that relationship, will not likely last. When we choose people, to get involved with, we unfortunately have to take the bad, with the good, but what I think, is an important issue, is discovering, if the person you are about to get involved with, has any traits, that you can't tolerate. Its all about, avoiding or investing a lot of time, with someone that is not compatible with us. If you were to say that you don't mind, if your mate is the jealous type, but what if that person, needed every moment of your time, and that any look, in the wrong direction,or moment of diversion, of your attention, to anything, or anyone, would cause a rage of jealousy, you would have second thoughts. It is the degree of that trait, that might be the deciding factor, and when we look at handwriting, we notice how often that trait shows up, and how pronounced it is. Another example might be a sensitivity to criticism, its a very common trait, we get criticized all of our lives, and a little sensitivity, is a good thing, it makes us more understanding, of other peoples' needs, but when it is so pronounced, that it develops into paranoia, so that any criticism, real, or imagined, causes that person, to loose control of their emotions, or even seek revenge. Handwriting analysis can show you the quality of interpersonal and emotional traits, that can help you make a decision about getting involved. 

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