Complete Handwriting Report

Will your new lover be a psychopath?

Might your new employee, climb a clock tower?

I don't know about you, but before I knew about Handwriting Analysis,

I was surprised by people, I thought, I knew.

Now, before I get involved , in a relationship,

Whether it be business or romantic, I get a handwriting sample.

Some Questions Handwriting Analysis will answer:

Does this person have any of the 4 hell traits, you might want to avoid.

Does this person have any of the 5 hell traits, you should run from.

Is this person honest or do they lie like a rug.

Is this person lazy.

Could this person be violent.

Will this person share their feelings.

Get a better understanding of People

Ask me what you, would like to know, about this person !


That is amazing!
I will show this to my wife and believe that we will both be sending you a sample....
That was awesome.....
Rob F.

Hi David,
WOW!!! I'm very impressed! How did you do that?!
This is very interesting !
Well, I would definitely tell people about you.
I'm pretty sure my friends would be interested,
in getting their handwriting analyzed.
Thank you!

"The hand writing and interpretation analysis that David did, provided
me with a deeper insight and understanding of the character traits. His
analysis was accurate, and provided me with a greater understanding and
appreciation. I would recommend David to anyone who is interested in
learning more about themselves, their workers, or their friends."
Brian K.

This is what this report will provide, 5 to 6 pages of personality and
behavioral information, along with suggestions of key traits that can be altered,
to effect a positive change, in the person whose handwriting you are submitting.
Mention it is for an employment position, and I will supply the employment
evaluation report for that specific job position at no extra charge.
Mention it is for relationship compatibility, you will need to pay for two reports,
But I will include free a one page evaluation of the compatibility strengths and weaknesses
between the two parties, along with suggestions to improve the relationship.

Here is how to, Order Your Report Now!
Send in 1 to 2 pages of hand writing,
along with a brief statement, of what you would like to know.
• If it is for an employment position,
state what tasks this person would be required to perform.
• If it is Romance oriented and you want to know,
if this person is likely to cheat etc. then write a brief statement to that effect.

For life improvements write about your hopes, dreams,
what you would like to see happen in your life.

Online ordering $80. CAD
Once you have placed your order,
you will be sent instructions,
on how to submit your handwriting,
by E-mail or Fax.

No credit card
Send your Handwriting and a check for:
$80.00 CDN

To: David Babb
37054-2930 Lonsdale Ave.
N. Vancouver, BC. V7N 4H9

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