Spot the Pathological Liar

Pathological Liar can be spotted in handwriting
Beside Pathological Liars, everybody tells untruths at times in their life, and there are varying degrees of lying,
from the little white lie, to the monster lie. I don't know about you , but I hate for people to lie to me.
Often some people won't lie but hold back the complete story,
and you have to phrase the question carefully to get the answer you want.
As you know politicians do it all the time they, skirt the issues.
You ask them one question they answer another question entirely.
Lying is actually a defense trait. Generally the bigger the liar the more insecure they are.
Then there is the pathological liar, they will lie even if they have nothing to gain,
they can not help them selves . The way you can tell in someone's handwriting,
is look at the letter o , if there are no loops inside you can expect that person is going to be blunt ,
and tell you what is on their mind. If there are loops inside the letter o then this person is going to keep secrets.
When the loop is on the left side they are keeping secrets from self , something in their life, they are not confronting,
when the loop is on the right side they are keeping secrets from others.
If the loop is so big it goes to the opposite side, they are not telling the left hand what the right hand is doing.
The person you really have to watch out for , is the person with loops on both sides,
and are over lapping creating a inner circle / oval. these people are pathological liars.
They can be fun to talk to because they usually have some pretty interesting stories,
just don't rely on anything they say to be factual.
You can bet that a relationship, of any type will be a problem down the road.
Lying to them selves
Lying to others
Pathological liar
You can find out a lot about people, through their handwriting.

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